Sale and Leaseback

Select the capital structure that works best for you.

In a sale and leaseback, an equipment owner sells their existing equipment to a leasing company (such as Utica Equipment Finance) and then leases the same equipment back. As a business owner who sells your equipment, you become a lessee, and the purchaser (Utica Equipment Finance), becomes the lessor. Usually, sale and leasebacks are considered to be true or tax leases and the lessee makes monthly rental payments to the Lessor.

At the end of the term of the lease, the lessee can return the equipment, release the equipment, or purchase the equipment from the lessor.

Equipment financing can be complex, and so are the implications of which financing vehicle you choose. Utica Equipment Finance will demystify the choices, help you understand what makes the most sense for your situation, and craft a lending program that brings you the most advantages.